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(LESSON 7):-- How To Break A Bad Habit (And Build Lasting Good Habits)

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Having covered a whole lot on how to form good habits, what of how you can break bad habits.
Bad habit is so powerful that it can jeopardize your carrier, create ill-health for you both mentally and physically and waste your time and energy.
Still, we engage on them frequently, then, why do we involve in them? How can we delete bad habit or behavior in our lives? Is there anything you can do about bad habit and stick to good ones?
Truly, I do not have all the answers patterning these questions on how to delete bad habit but, read ahead and I will truthfully share what I learned on how to break bad habit.
What do you think causes bad habit?
No doubt about it, most of your bad habits is cause by two things:
Boredom and stress;
Looking for a way to deal with stress and boredom leads to this bad habit most a times, when I was still a cigarette smoker, I can still recall that, I started this habit when I lost my immediate brother in a pool of water.
I wanted to forget; I tried many aspects of life changing processes and found smoking a palatable means to get-off the menace that just happened to me.
Eventually, I formed a dangerous habit of smoking that nearly killed me. Thank almighty that I deleted such lifestyle today and, I will soon treat HOW TO BREAK THE BAD HABIT OF SMOKING in my next book.
So, wasting time on the social media every day can be a simple means you thought you could use to escape stress and boredom. Not knowing that, unhealthy habit is being formed.
It does not have to be that way; you can teach yourself how to deal with stress and boredom in a new way, which you can substitute in place of your bad habit.
Deeper issues may cause this stress and boredom as was my case when I lost my immediate brother, and this issue may be hard to think about, but you have to be serious about making changes and also be honest to yourself.
That is when you should ask questions like; are there reasons or certain beliefs that is behind the formation of this bad habit?
May be there is something deeper; a fear (as it was in my case when I lost my immediate brother), a limiting belief or an event which made it possible for you to hold on to something that is too bad for you.

According to my people: “if you do not know where the rain started beating you, you would not know where it stopped”
So, taking time to recognize the root-cause of your bad habits will help you to overcome them.

What do you do to a bad habit? Eliminate it or replace it.
According to the holy book, “there is a reason for everything that happens” so, every habit you have today either good or bad have a reason for its formation (one benefit or the other).

Example, staying in a relationship that is bad to you has its own emotional benefit. Likewise smoking and drug have biological benefit accrued to it.

And in many cases like mine, your bad habit is a way to cope with stress or boredom, for example, biting your nails, pulling your hair, tapping your foot, or clenching your jaw.

These “benefits” or reasons extend to smaller bad habits as well.
Let us take for instance, opening your email box makes you feel connected when you encounter an encouraging message, and at the same time looking at all of those mails divides your attention and makes you feel less productive and overwhelms you with stress.

Still, it makes you feel like you are not missing out and you enjoyed doing it often and on…. And you do it again and again.
The reason why it is very hard to eliminate bad habit is because it provides some type of benefit in your life. (And know this today; it is the reason why simple idea of “JUST STOP DOING IT” never work)
Rather, look at what to do if you want to delete bad habit:

How you can break a bad habit
Have a plan in substitute to your bad habit. For example; when you feel the urge to smoke, replace it with BREATHING EXERCISE instead.
Assuming a social media like facebook is calling you like you have nothing to do apart from it, write one or two sentences for your work.

So, have a plan of what to do in place of your bad habit whenever you feel the urge to engage on the bad behavior.
Cut out as many triggers as possible. If you smoke when you drink, then do not go to the bar.
If you eat much bread when they are in the house, then throw them all away.
If the first thing you do when you sit on the cushion-chair is pick up the TV remote, then hide the remote in a closet in a different room.
Make it easier on yourself to break bad habits by avoiding the things that cause them.

As you can see, your environment makes it easier for your bad habits to be formed, and then change your environment and you will definitely change the out-come.
Another powerful motivation is seeing that someone expects you not to fail so, joining hands with a partner who suffers the same fit and both of you can celebrate victory together will help you to overcome bad habit.

Visualize yourself building a new identity; see yourself throwing away that cigarettes, or throwing away that junk food will help you celebrate victory though not yet achieved but, at the long run, it is a step to success.

So, see yourself build a new identity, just simple as that.
The idea of; I am a new person is a fallacy because, to drop your bad habit, you do not need to be a new person, you only need to go back to your old self before you started such bad habit.

As a smoker before you quit smoking, you are not a new person entirely, you only returned back to your previous life of not smoking because, there was a time you were not smoking before you formed such bad habit.
You do not need to transform into a healthy person, you just need to return to being healthy. Even if it was years ago, you have already lived without this bad habit, which means you can most definitely do it again.

The power of the word “but”; everybody fall prey of blaming yourself whenever you failed. It is common to hinge the blame on oneself when the going is tough.
This supposed to be the other way round, try to make use of the enormous power found in the word “but” assuming you failed in some aspects of habit formation like:

You wanted to lose weight, do not go about saying; I am just a failure in this rather say;
(a) --- I failed to lose 50 pounds weight this week but, I can still do it next week.

(b) --- I am stupid and a failure but, everybody fails.

Always plan for failure, what makes top performers different is that they always get back on track whenever they fell off course.

No doubt, with these ideas, you should be well engaged to make change in your life and stick to healthier habitual and moral lifestyle for the long term.

And my final two points should be:
1. Knowledge without action is entirely useless. You are now well equipped with tools to use and change your life, now it is time to do it. I know you have a lot of goals that are important to you, then, use these ideas to make it a reality.

2. Doing my best for our community is my priority so; we are here to support you. I write two articles for a small community each week, Monday and Thursday, and these small communities are people who are to getting better, living healthier, and making the world a better place.

I do my best to help them achieve their goals, and this is my part to play, and I will always like to do the same for you.
So, if you have questions, you can always contact me at

I know, I do not have it all figured out, but my best is channeled towards the tiny action that accumulates to greatness with time, as you follow me along the way.
I am pleased to help you if there is anything I can do for you. I am here to help however I can.

Small Decisions, Mighty Results

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