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(LESSON 6):-- Are You Afraid You Have Failed? Look At How To Fit A New Habit Into Your Life

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Habit formation depends on your ability to get back-up after a fall-out. Remember, small fall-outs do not make you a failure rather, they makes you a human.
This small fall-outs is applicable also on the most successful people on earth, they have fallen-out in most cases and eventually bounced back to whom they are today as a result of change in habit formation and their moral lifestyles.
And you should know that, what separates them from us is not their inability to make mistakes instead, their ability to bounce back to beneficial moral and habitual lifestyle after falling off course.
Remember this always: the most important thing in life is not to avoid mistakes but to always get prepared for it. The four strategies below will enlighten you on how to get back on track with good habitual and moral lifestyle before you get off course.
1. Plan on how to put your habit on a calendar.
Using myself as a typical example, I have been a victim of not planning or putting my daily small events on the calendar. Most a times i have tried to carry-out my activities without making out a roster-kind of plan for it and eventually failed in making it a habit, so, soon is not a number neither is it a time.
Wants to eat healthy, first start scheduling on how to be eating at least vegetable–rich foods four times in a week, example; make it a priority to eat healthy starting from Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
With that you might have formed a time table which if you stick to, it will help you get to a sustainable habit as you practice such.
With that, you are on track of getting to live healthier.
Wants to reduce fat and look good like most athletes do, then let me see you at the gym house at least three times in a week starting from Monday, Wednesday and Friday 4pm or 8am.
So, let me see you at the gym by next week at exactly the prescribed time above if you really like to look good.
Below is the TO-DO-LIST I do make every day apart from my weekly calendar of activities. Still, I list out my every day event before carrying it out, this always help me as a process thereby giving me a targeted result.
TODAY: 25/11/2017
1. Finish writing the free eBook “ART OF TRANSFORMING YOUR HABIT”
2. Write all the pages of
3. Write article to post on “art of transforming your habit”
4. Reply e-learning email
5. Write JESUS IS LORDS profile proposal.20
This is an example of TO-DO-LIST calendar to enable you carry out small actions daily that degenerates to every day habits.
2. In your own small ways, stick to your schedules:
Very hard to stick to an originating habit but, also easy if you can do that in your own small ways. As a weightlifter, missing one count of push-up will not get you back in fat, but missing it for almost four weeks will eventually get you back to fatness.
Assuming you are so tired of pulling-out some counts in the day work-out, try to pull-out a count before you retire.
Assuming you do not have enough time to write an article as an author please, write a paragraph.
Do not have enough time to jump the rope 20 times, try hard to jump it for just 5 times.
Finding a way to stick to your schedule no matter how small it is helps a lot. Below are other examples…….
Using myself as an illustration here, I made a decision that I will always run around a school field for 3 hours on Sundays. Though my gym schedules were on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by 8am, but, on one faithful Sunday like that, I overstayed in my office doing some work to the extent I had only 30 minutes to do the running. Do you know what my mind told me? It reminded me to forget about the run because I had no time left. I should use the time to do other little things like going to the internet and
Checking my mails and web sites which I listened to it and forfeited doing that my scheduled exercise.
Only to realize that, if I had continued with my schedule by doing at least a 20 minutes running, i could have accumulated a whole lot of fitness doing 20 minutes for two weeks.

Remember this simple truth, with this situation now I have only two options:
a. 30 minutes seems not to be enough time to do this running which I normally devote up-to 3 hours doing.

b. Here, you have to reduce the scope or time range but make sure you stick to the schedule because, doing 20 minutes even out of the 30 minutes left will accumulate to a whole lot of fitness within a period of 3 weeks.
On the scheduled Sunday bases, doing 30 minute seems not enough to get you going but, the tiny accumulation of the action with staying on track is huge.

Most importantly, this situation will let you know you can get something done even when the time is not ideal.

Always remember this: It is the cumulative impact of always sticking to your schedule that will carry you to long–term success, that is how little goals become lifetime habits.


3. Make sure someone expects something from you
The kids-trainees in my hub school made me realize the power of making sure someone expects something from you if you really want to get back-up after getting off course.
After the free training in their schools I directed their intentions to our center for boot-camp program. Could you imagine what happened?
Most of them who attend the camp do so because they believe some of their dedicated colleagues expect they should be their every day. That was how these kids increased in number and the habit of attending the ICT camping every day was formed.
Always do not forget this: by simply knowing that a familiar face expects to see you can be enough to get you to show up.

4. Always strive to design your environment for success:
Yes! I have motivation and more willpower to form and design my habit to suit any of my situations. But to my greatest surprise, I have realized I am making a big mistake because,
The pictures in my walls, items in my table, plates in my kitchen and every material around me are enough materials that can trigger me to take any action regardless of how motivated I claimed I am.
When I wanted to start sanitizing my mouth with TCP after brushing, I decided to keep my mouth washing antiseptic beside my tooth-brushing apparatuses and this may sound funny or crazy but by mere catching a glance of it whenever I want to brush will automatically remind me of the mouth washing item my TCP. So, I designed the environment to help me succeed in doing that mouth disinfecting which is a new habit and, I do not need any willpower or motivation to achieve that.

No doubt, with these ideas, you should be well engaged to make change in your life and stick to healthier habitual and moral lifestyle for the long term.

And my final two points should be:
1. Knowledge without action is entirely useless. You are now well equipped with tools to use and change your life, now it is time to do it. I know you have a lot of goals that are important to you, then, use these ideas to make it a reality.

2. Doing my best for our community is my priority so; we are here to support you. I write two articles for a small community each week, Monday and Thursday, and these small communities are people who are to getting better, living healthier, and making the world a better place.

I do my best to help them achieve their goals, and this is my part to play, and I will always like to do the same for you.
So, if you have questions, you can always contact me at

I know, I do not have it all figured out, but my best is channeled towards the tiny action that accumulates to greatness with time, as you follow me along the way.
I am pleased to help you if there is anything I can do for you. I am here to help however I can.

Small Decisions, Mighty Results

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