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(LESSON 4):-- Forming Habits Of Identity And Willpower (Sticking To Your Goals For Long Time)

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In the real sense, there is a great difference between real world and theory, which is why whenever I write I try to make things vivid to differentiate between theoretical concepts from practical solution.
Yes! Often times we want to form or we already think we have formed a good habitual lifestyle but funny enough, before the end of the season we see ourselves going back to that bad habit we assumed we have abandoned, then why?
It is easy for us as humans to make a New Year resolution at the beginning of the New Year but, do we always stick to that resolution and maintain it? Actually, most of us do not.
I use to be a victim of such before now and I have realized that, before the quarterly part of the year I must have gone back to my earlier behavior which I wanted to get ride-of, then why?12
The reason being that, I lacked what I called “IDENTITY AND WILL-POWER HABIT”, now, if I may ask, what is your identity and will power habit?

Let me tell a little story about how to use this identity and willpower habit using myself as an illustration-----
I read NapoleoHill”s book; THE LAW OF SUCCESS and I came across a part that illustrated how remembering peoples name could be a huge stepping stone to mastering your habit and being a master of identity and will-power habit.
- Look at what remembering names of people you come across will teach you about habit

As a computer scientist, blogger and author, I do involved in free training for children and enlightening kids in post-primary schools about the benefit of ICT in this twenty first century world.
I started a new training within the first section of their first term in my locality involving some selected schools. This training was not to make money but to give out charity support for these kids, though the kids were advised to pay only a thousand naira as registration while the training is free, which does not worth it when it comes to training in ICT. This is to enable us pay for transport and fueling their generator. And one strange thing happened one day that made me realized the importance of “identity and will-power habit”, I truly identified myself before a female kid.
This kid was reluctant in paying her registration, when I asked if anybody never paid his/her registration fees she was reluctant to identify herself and I immediately called her by name. I called her name; “Mary Egbo” she was startled and stood up by surprise because she could not imagine me knowing her name by the second day of attending the training.
Do you know what she asked me? Uncle, how do you know my name? I told her I know every trainee name and she was surprise and to my greatest amazement she went out and came in with her registration and was registered.
Imagine, she was with her registration and find it difficult to register may be, she is not yet accustomed or friendly with what we are doing but, immediately I called her by name, that friendliness developed and she became free and joined us fully.
I was filled with joy having identified the power of identity and will-power habit at that moment.
This is what this story could teach any of us about habit ---- to believe in new identity, you have to prove it.
Using identity and will-power habit to build long lasting habits
To build a long lasting habit you have to focus on creating a new identity first, the reason being that, your current behavior is just a reflection of your current identity.
Look at what you do to change your behavior for good; start believing new things about yourself.
We often say this to friends, I want to lose weight or, I want to be a writer good! All of that are good ideas and friends may welcome that but you lack one thing to achieve that which is, being specific. You have to be specific about what you really want. Instead say:
I want to lose 30 pounds weight or, I want to start writing 20,000 words a day in order to become a writer.
NOTE THIS: I want to lose weight is based on performance and appearance behavior which is good if you are already doing a behavior. And if you want to develop a particular behavior you have to use identity and will power behavior.

(Image that shows the difference between identity–based goals and performance and appearance–based goals)
Your identity is the interior part of the diagram and it constitutes your behavior change. If you change your identity it will become easy for you to cultivate new behavior. Your identity speaks much of whom you are so; if you change your identity it becomes easier to change your action.
The reason why it becomes difficult to change is because we often stick to performance and appearance goals without changing our identity. We often want to achieve results without changing our identity, while it should be the other way around.
Instructions for sustained success
Coming to changing your beliefs, I do not think is hard as you may think. Here are two steps you can use to do that:
1. You have to decide the type of person you want to be
2. With a small win you have to prove it to yourself
Note this; the goal is not to become successful at the moment but to start from small wins which will help you become the type of person who can achieve big.
Let us take an example and illustrate, if you want to be strong devote your time to exercise regularly and eventually you will step down to the type of person you want to be where you will be using performance and appearance habit for having grown from small to merger.

How to use identity-based habit in real life
For instance: you want to lose weight:
Identity: try to be the kind of person who exercise at least three times in a week
Small win: buy a jumping rope, tomorrow get to the field and jump 30 steps, next jump 40 steps from there increase your win gradually.
For instance: you want to be a better friend:
Identity: always stay in touch
Small win: start by calling one friend every Sunday, assuming you repeat the same people every 4 months you will likely stay close to 16 old friends again.
For instance: you want to be a writer:
Identity: try to be the person who writes at least 800 words every day
Small win: make sure a paragraph never miss you each day this week.
Then, what is your identity?
Becoming the type of person you have wanted to be does not depend on results but strategically on becoming the type of person who could achieve the type of thing you want to achieve in life.
The result is what should come latter, do not focus on the result because, results never come without working out for the examination through a process of in-depth study which guarantees that your end point should be a success then the result.
So, try building the habit now the result will come after.

No doubt, with these ideas, you should be well engaged to make change in your life and stick to healthier habitual and moral lifestyle for the long term.

And my final two points should be:
1. Knowledge without action is entirely useless. You are now well equipped with tools to use and change your life, now it is time to do it. I know you have a lot of goals that are important to you, then, use these ideas to make it a reality.

2. Doing my best for our community is my priority so; we are here to support you. I write two articles for a small community each week, Monday and Thursday, and these small communities are people who are to getting better, living healthier, and making the world a better place.

I do my best to help them achieve their goals, and this is my part to play, and I will always like to do the same for you.
So, if you have questions, you can always contact me at

I know, I do not have it all figured out, but my best is channeled towards the tiny action that accumulates to greatness with time, as you follow me along the way.
I am pleased to help you if there is anything I can do for you. I am here to help however I can.

Small Decisions, Mighty Results

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