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(LESSON 14):-- Reason Why People Who Want to be Rich Fail to Become Rich

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A certain author, who loves trees, was to attend to his tree one early morning, only to discover that the young tree he planted is beginning to die.
He called-in tree specialists and experts who examined and fertilized it, but the tree kept on dying.

Lastly, this author took a garden hose and soaked the tree root for a month. All but a sudden, leaves and new growth emerged from the dying branches of the tree. So, all it needed was a little more water he exclaimed. Up till today, that tree is healthy and vibrantly growing.

Therefore, what this young tree needed is an environment it could grow in. this same little story is also applicable to people. Many people do not grow rich because of poor nature of their environment. Though there are many reasons why people fail to become rich, despite they wanted to be. And some of those reasons are:
1. Laziness
2. Bad habits
3. Lack of education
4. Lack of experience
5. Lack of guidance
6. Bad attitude
7. Bad influence from people
8. Lack of focus
9. Lack of determination
10. Lack of courage

Deducing fact about favorable environment from the little story about the author and the young tree portrays a reason rarely discussed, and if not observed will help land people into failing to get rich even though they wanted to become rich.

And that reason according to the little story above is, if that person fails to find an environment that supports him or her becoming rich. Though we all are born geniuses, still a person needs to seek the environment that best supports his or her genius to flourish. Take Tiger Woods as an example; his genius was able to come out of golf courses. So, if he is a basket-baler, I wonder how successful he would be today.

It is a living fact in the mind of gardeners that, plants need good soil, water and the right temperatures. And if all of the right elements are there nothing prevents the plant from flourishing. The same is true with people because, each person needs certain element from conducive environment to thrive. So, lack of the essential elements may prevent the person from growing or blossoming.

Let us look into my own home environment as the author of this article.
I was at my late twenties when I realized that my environment is characterized by poor mental attitude concerning money. I was born into a family with financially poor environment. The environment was not conducive to becoming rich. To desire wealth in my family look like a taboo.

My parents so much valued education to the extent that their principle is; go to school and acquire your certificate and seek for that white collar jobs. My parents made me to understand that, thinking about making money while still in the school is never a welcomed idea, there is always these underlying belief that the rich where evil and exploited other people.

Never for one day do we discus about investing. My parents are always complaining about not having enough money where as they claim that, they are secured with their jobs. In my family, investing is regarded as gambling so, living below our means and saving money was the accepted way of life.

Not until I stepped into my early thirty, then I realized I needed more money in order to actualize whatever I am conceiving as my dream in life. With this, I can say that I am a rich person in a poor environment. Let us consider environments for people who are afraid of losing.

If you are an employee, you are probably working in an environment designed specifically for people who are working not to lose ….. Which are people who want job security and a paycheck. This is a typical example of someone operating in a poor environment as a rich person.

The owners of such environments usually have no problem attracting and keeping good employees who are happy working always not to lose, and worst of it turning their money over to financial experts instead of learning to be their own financial expert. And a typical case scenario is the government public services.

There are environments that guarantee winners to emerge. That is, people who want to become rich. Such environments are: music industry, Hollywood, professional sports, the internet. Still these environments hold its own challenges. You have to be exceptionally talented, driven and tenacious. And these industries are where the 90/10 rule of making money applies. Definitely, there are more losers than there are winners.

Other environments that guarantee people getting rich are: investment firms, real estate sales, network marketing and other high performing businesses.

Assuming you want things to change positively in your life, I suggest you apply what I called “change to powerful environment.”
Taking this idea of environment a little further, you should consider the following “change to powerful environment” ideas:

1. Do you want your intelligence to grow? : Then, I suggest you should go to a library, a bookstore or a school.

2. Want to improve your health? : form the habit of visiting the gym, or run long distance like I do every three days for the week as a sports.

3. You want to improve spiritually? : I believe a place like church or quiet spot could help you concentrate to meditate and pray more.

4. If you want your wealth to grow: you should go a place where people are getting rich (like; real estate office, or brokers office) consider joining an investment club, or start a study group and engage with new friends who also glamour to get richer.

5. Do you want to expand your world? : go to places you have never been before, and I suggest you do things you have been afraid of doing before.

From all indications, sometimes the fastest way to change and improve yourself is to imbibe in this simple attitude of starting to change your environment. Simply change your immediate environment.

But before we conclude this lesson, I suggest you look into the below five questions and try to answer them as possible as you can. My final questions are:

1. Consider your home and family life; are they environments that develop your financial genius? Yes or no?

2. Your workplace: does it portray an environment that encourages the development of you financial genius? Yes or no?

3. Have you considered your genius and convinced you have any idea what your genius might be? Yes or no?

4. The people you associate or work with: do they encourage the development of your genius? Yes or no?

5. Assuming you have found your environment, am once more asking you, would you be willing to work hard to develop your genius? Yes or no?

Just because you have a genius, does not mean life is easy, that is why I asked this last question. Because, we know most people who are talented but never developed their genius. And this could be likened to the inability of some people to work very hard at developing their talent.

And I want you to remember the instance of Tiger Woods as I mentioned above. This kind of people has worked very hard at developing their geniuses to where they are today. Remember this; “laziness is the assassin of genius” and your environment should contain the necessary elements for success, if not, change it.

The five questions above are very important so, I suggest you think about them as well as the answers before making the next change concerning your environment. The correct environment is necessary to nourish your particular talent.

And with the wrong environment, you may have to work harder and longer, but that is preferable to making excuses and letting your goals slide.


Small Decisions, Mighty Results

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