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(LESSON 8):-- How You Can Make Your Future Habits Easy

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This is a brief story that struck me with the simplicity and power, from an IT practitioner. His name is Oswold Nuckols and his simple strategy for making future habits easy.

This approach he referred to as; “resetting the room.”
This young man goes like this; For instance, when I finish watching television, I place the remote back on the TV stand, arrange the pillows on the couch, and fold the blanket. When I leave my car, I throw any trash away. Whenever I take a shower, I wipe down the toilet while the shower is warming up. (As he notes, the “perfect time to clean the toilet is right before you wash yourself in the shower anyway”)

To some of us, this may sound like he is just trying to clean up but, there is a key insight in what he does that makes his approach different. To my own understanding, the purpose of resetting each room is not to clean up after the last action but to get ready for the next action.

Nuckols goes ahead to say this:
“When I walk into a room everything is in its right place,”
“Because I do this every day in every room, stuff always stays in good shape. . . People think I work hard but I am actually really lazy. I am just proactively lazy. It gives you so much time back.”

Now, let us talk about the power of the environment to shape your behavior. Resetting the room is one of the ways to put the power back in your hands and make good use of it.

Priming The Environment And The Power Involved:
Assuming you are given the duty to organize an environment for the purpose of a particular ceremony, no doubt, you are priming the environment for the smooth take-off of the next action.
And this is the most practical and simple ways to improve on your habits.

I was a victim of not priming my environment for years, for instance, when someone gave birth to new bone baby, I often keep on having in mind that I will send a congratulatory card and wishes, but that could gravitate to weeks or months without doing so because, I never arrange my birth day card before my remembrance in the store that is; never prime my environment, and days passes by without even remembering to send such card. Before I will remember, it becomes too late. This shows that the habit is not easy to maintain.

There are many ways to prime your environment so that it becomes easy to navigate with. If you want to cook a breakfast of rice and stew in the morning, it is better to set your kitchen utensils ready, and when you wake up the activity becomes an easy process.

Below are some more ways to prime your environment:
 Assuming you are an artist who wants to draw more, simply put your pencils, pen, and notebooks and drawing books on top of your desk, just within easy reach.

 Using myself as an example here, want to exercise, I always set my running cloths and shoes aside which makes it easy to take-off the activity.

 Assuming you want to improve your diet, chop up some vegetables and fruits from your garden or buy from market on weekends so that you can eat healthy within the weeks ahead.

These portray the simple ways to make the good habit a path to follow with least resistance.

You can equally prime the environment to make bad behaviors difficult.
(The path of most resistance):
Averting this principle is equally easy in order to make bad habits difficult to partake in. Example, if you find yourself watching too much TV, always unplug the cable after each watch and make sure you plug in when you might have been able to shout out loud the kind of program you want to watch, to avoid plugging-in to search for any available program thereby making you watch unnecessary TV programs. And create mindless viewing.

You can take it a step further if the solution above does not do it. Unplug the television and take the remote battery out. You can even go further to carry the television into a closet if you are the hard core. So you could be sure that you can watch it only when you have reasonable program, the greater the friction the less likely the bad habit.

I normally stay with my phone in the night and early morning and in such situation you see me searching my phone for no just reason, thereby creating unnecessary waste of time when I should be doing other things.
But whenever I keep my phone in the other room, I do observe that I do have three to four hours of uninterrupted working period to engage on.

Very remarkable how little frictions are required to prevent bad behaviors. Take for instance you are a drinker of beer, and when you hide the bottle at the back of your freezer you are likely to drink less than when you expose it.
A little bit of friction can be the difference between sticking with a good habit and sliding into a bad one. Imagine the cumulative impact of making dozens of these changes and living in an environment designed to make the good behaviors easier and the bad behaviors harder.

Then, Where Can We Go From Here?
As a parent, individual, a coach, or a leader, I know we all want to approach behavior change. Here is the question we should ask ourselves: “what is the possibility to design a world where it is easy to do what is right?”

In the processing of resetting your room in general, the action that matters most should be the actions that are easier to do. Remember, if you master habit of preparation, habit of execution become easy.

No doubt, with these ideas, you should be well engaged to make change in your life and stick to healthier habitual and moral lifestyle for the long term.

And my final two points should be:
1. Knowledge without action is entirely useless. You are now well equipped with tools to use and change your life, now it is time to do it. I know you have a lot of goals that are important to you, then, use these ideas to make it a reality.

2. Doing my best for our community is my priority so; we are here to support you. I write two articles for a small community each week, Monday and Thursday, and these small communities are people who are to getting better, living healthier, and making the world a better place.

I do my best to help them achieve their goals, and this is my part to play, and I will always like to do the same for you.
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