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(LESSON 2):-- How To Become An Efficient Leader Taking Your Initiative To Great Level By Believing In Yourself

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Leadership being essential for the attainment of success, in this case, initiative and leadership are associated terms. Initiative is said to be the foundation upon which this quality necessary for leadership is built. No doubt, initiative is essential to success as a hub is essential for bicycle wheel to oscillate.

This should take us to what initiative is all about. Then, WHAT IS INITIATIVE? This is that rarely ability that distinguishes a person because that person is able to do what ought to be done WITHOUT BEING TOLD TO DO IT.

Examining the words of Elbert Hubbard, the gentle man expressed himself on the subject of initiative with the following words:
“The world bestows its big prizes, both in money and honors, for one thing and that is “initiative”.

“What is INITIATIVE? I will tell you. It is doing the right thing without being told. “But next to doing the right thing without being told is to do it when you are told once. That is to say; carry the message to Garcia (a far). Those who carry a message get high honors, but their pay is not always in proportion.

“Next, there are those who do the right thing only when necessity kicks them from behind, and this get indifference instead of honors, and a pittance for pay. “This kind spends most of the time polishing a bench with a hard luck story. “then, still lower down in the scale than this we have the fellow who will not do the right thing even when someone goes along to show him how and stay to see that he does it, he is always out of a job, and receives the contempt he deserves, unless he has a rich papa, in which case destiny patiently waits around the corner with a stuffed club”

These are the intelligent words of Elbert Hubbard on initiative, so, to which class above do you belong?

In as much as you are following these lessons on career and talent, you need examine yourself thoroughly to determine which class you belong and that should be positioning you to answering this simple and important question asked by Elbert Hubbard: TO WHICH CLASS DO YOU BELONG?

Before you answer this question, I will like to remind you that this course is not intended to guide you on the so-called quick success as regard money but, to serve as a means to help you discover the real value of the course and make use of it and not in the course alone. The purpose of the course is to help you discover one of the most important qualities to your career and talent success embodied in this course which INITIATIVE is one of the most important.

Now, to illustrate how initiative works, a certain business author had a business course which most business schools have not. But this man wanted $35,000.00 to open-up his own business school but have nothing to start with. Then, out of a well thought-out initiative, this man approached an already existing business school owner who has the resources as well as the students.

They both reached an agreement that the author will introduce his ever-sort-for course to the students and both will benefit equitably. The rest is a successful story because; the author now has the best business school around the world. Such is a simple application of a good initiative. This can differ due to different scope and level of endeavors. That notwithstanding, here are the exact procedure you must follow if you intend to become a person of INITIATIVE and LEADERSHIP:-

------- ELIMINATE HABIT OF PROCRASTINATION: = procrastination everybody knows is the thief of time, and time is a precious gift of nature. This habit of throwing away what you could do today till tomorrow of some years is telling hard on youand you cannot achieve great height unless you do away with it. I was a victim before now.

And you are opportune because, a scientifically tested principle of psychology which you can use to deal decisively with procrastination is here for you, and this is known as “Auto-suggestion”(Reminding yourself about your daily routine in order to form it as a habit) I think we dealt on this on our previous lesson and if time permits, we thoroughly tackle the power of auto-suggestion latter in this course.

Besides, you should know that procrastination is a deadly enemy of all who would become leaders in any undertaking so, here is how you can eliminate this habit from your entire life:

(*) you have to do one thing that is ought to be done without someone telling you to do so.
(*) without expectation of pay, look around and chose one thing never done by you before, that ought to be done and in which will benefit others.
(*) form the habit of telling at least one person around you the benefit of doing things ought to be done without being told to do so. This will act as an auto-suggestion to you and help you formulate the habit.

The second procedure you should follow in developing initiative and leadership;

------- SELL YOURSELF BEFORE SELLING OTHERS: = from a brighter understanding, the only way to gain happiness is by giving it away to others. This also applies to the development of initiative. You can only develop this important quality by making it a priority to impress others to do so. It is a well-known fact that a man learns well by teaching others that, which he intends doing or learning.

We come now to the third step in our description of the exact procedure that you must follow in developing initiative and leadership;

------- AVOID LEADERSHIP OF SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT:= the term “leadership” should be well understood before we go further in explaining the third procedures for attaining correct initiative and leadership. For your information, there are two types of leadership, and one is as deadly and destructive as the other is helpful and constructive.

The brand adopted by pseudo-leaders is the deadly one that leads not to success, but to absolute failure. And such leaders force their leadership on unwilling followers. This is more practicable in politics of the third world countries like Nigeria. I do not think is necessary to describe this kind of leaders or mention places of the application but knowing the history of Napoleon the French army general will bring to clear the negative effect of such self-aggrandized leadership.

In this lesson of career and talent discovery,the brand of leadership recommended for practice if you want to excel in your career and talent part is the leadership of self-determination and freedom and self-development and enlightenment and justice. This is the type that endures.

Based on what we discussed about initiative and leadership, you should know that leadership has penalty. Below are the penalties that await a person who practice great leadership with accurate initiative.
The penalty of leadership:
(i) In art, music, industry, the reward and punishment are always the same. The reward of great leadership in your career and talent is wide-spread recognition; while the punishment is fierce denial and emotional pollution from others who envy your achievement.

(ii) When your career and talent becomes a standard for the whole world, do not forget that it also becomes a target for the envious few, but if your work becomes a mediocre (not standard) you will be left alone severely ---- and if you achieve great masterpiece, surely, this will set a million tongue wagging.

Having said much about cultivating the habit of good initiative which is a propeller for good leadership, you should be ready to use your initiative in your career job and talent. Practice the habit of giving others same and you also practice these same procedures of becoming a great leader through well directed initiative.

Though many will stand against your dream and ideas but remember that it is common that, long, long after a great work has been done, those who are disappointed or envious continue to cry out that it cannot be done.

See you next time!
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--- Initiative: >>> (a new action or movement, often intended to solve a problem. rare ability that distinguishes a person because that person is able to do what ought to be done WITHOUT BEING TOLD TO DO IT.)

--- Leadership: >>> (the set of characteristics that makes a good leader)

--- oscillate: >>> (to move repeatedly from one position to another)

--- Indifference: >>> (lack of interest in someone or something)

--- Pittance: >>> (a very small amount of money, especially money received as payment, income or present)

--- Equitably: >>> (fair and reasonable, treating everybody in the same way)

--- Procrastination: >>> (to keep delaying something that must be done, often because is unpleasant or boring)

--- Auto-suggestion: >>> (Reminding yourself about your daily routine in order to form it as a habit)

--- Aggrandizement: >>> (increase in power or in importance)

--- Pseudo-science: >>> (theory not in at all form in a scientific way)

--- Masterpiece: >>> (a person who made a great work)

--- Wag:>>> (to move from side to side or up and down, to cause this kind of action o happen)


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